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  • Repairs and Support
  • Equipment Return
What is the warranty policy on your equipment?

TRS-RenTelco provides a 12-month parts and labor warranty on the sale of most equipment from our current rental inventory. Extended warranties on pre-owned equipment are also available for purchase.

When is my rental term over?

Your rental is officially terminated on the day the equipment is physically received in our facility.

When does my rental start?

Your rental officially starts on the day the equipment is shipped from our facility, unless negotiated otherwise.

What is the phone number for your Sales Department?

Our Sales Department can be reached from 7am to 8pm CST, Monday through Friday, at 800-874-7123.

Do you have new equipment for sale?

TRS-RenTelco offers new equipment for sale on a lease-to-own basis. We also offer a wide variety of pre-owned equipment for sale. Our current sales list can be accessed here.

Do you sell replacement parts?

No, TRS-RenTelco does not offer replacement parts for sale.

Do you rent to individuals (not related to any specific company)?

Unfortunately, we do not rent to individuals. TRS-RenTelco is a business-to-business company that conducts business only with other companies.

Do you offer rent-to-purchase programs?

Yes, TRS-RenTelco does offer rent-to-purchase options. Click here to learn about the various financial options.

Does your company purchase surplus test equipment?

Yes, TRS-RenTelco does purchase test equipment. Click here to learn more.

How do I see pricing on your website?

Pricing is available on pre-owned equipment. Check out our current list of special offers here.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, TRS-RenTelco accepts most major credit cards as payment.

The person you have listed as my company contact is no longer with us, how can I update that information?

Please call 800-874-7123 to speak with one of our Sales Administrative Assistants or email us at trs@trs-rentelco.com to update your company's contact information.

Do you have international branch offices?

Yes, we have offices in several international locations. Click here to view our locations and their contact information.

How do I reach your Support Department?

You can email your customer support inquiries to CCCServiceCall@mgrc.com or call us at 800-621-6354.

Do you repair equipment?

We only repair equipment that is provided by TRS-RenTelco. Some repairs are performed in-house and others are sent to our OEMs.

Do you provide third-party calibrations?

We typically do not provide third-party calibrations, but we can assist in making arrangements for repair if required.

What is the process for getting my rental equipment recalibrated or repaired?

Depending on your rental agreement (and equipment availability), we can either process an exchange or set up a "Repair and Return." An "R&R" or "Repair and Return" requires you to ship the equipment to our facility for service. We then expedite the repair/calibration and return the equipment via overnight service. The turnaround time is typically 24 hours for the repairs/calibrations we can perform in house, but can take longer if we have to send the equipment to the OEM for additional repairs.

I need to track my equipment order that was shipped. Where do I get that information?

Please call our Customer Care Center at 800-621-6354 with your rental agreement number and we will help you track your equipment.

Who do I call for user setup on the equipment I just received?

Please call our Customer Care Center at 800-621-6354 (available 24/7) for user setup. A qualified Technical Support Representative will assist you with your equipment set up. Please have your equipment asset number ready so we can open a service call for you.

What is the status on my Repair Asset?

Please call our Customer Care Center at 800-621-6354 or email us at CCCServiceCall@mgrc.com for status on your repair asset.

What is the procedure to ship back equipment to TRS?

Please pack the equipment in the same packaging it was received in and return it to:
1830 West Airfield Drive
DFW Airport, TX 75261

For assistance, please call our Customer Care Center at 800-621-6354 or email us at CCCServiceCall@mgrc.com and have your equipment asset number(s) handy for reference. We will email you a copy of the packing slip, which includes the rental agreement information and the accessories that were shipped for every asset. Please note: Equipment shall not be shipped via the US Postal Service.

Subject line: I am returning my equipment and need the list of accessories that came with my order.

I was informed that there was a missing accessory on my returned order. Can I see a picture of the missing accessory to help locate it?

Please call customer service at 800-621-6354 or email us at CCCServiceCall@mgrc.com and we will email you a photo of the missing accessory.

Can I get a copy of an invoice for my expense report?

Yes, please call our Customer Care Center at 800-621-6354 or email us at CCCServiceCall@mgrc.com with details of your rental agreement and asset number(s).

I need help understanding my invoice, who can help me?

Please call our Customer Care Center at 800-621-6354 or email us at CCCServiceCall@mgrc.com and we will try to assist you. If your inquiry requires further details, we will transfer you to the appropriate Credit/Collection Account Specialist.

How do I get a copy of my packing slip to see what was shipped ?

Please call our Customer Care Center at 800-621-6354 or email us at CCCServiceCall@mgrc.com and we will send you one.