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Gflex 5G Scanning Receiver
The Gflex scanning receiver is the next generation of mobile network testing from PCTEL. Designed to support drive testing, walk testing, and government applications for 2G-5G and beyond, the Gflex sets a new standard for power, portability, and flexibility in a 5G and mmWave capable scanner. A single lightweight Gflex scanner can collect all the mmWave and sub-8 GHz data you need for drive test, walk test, and government applications in one pass, with one unit.
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--, O/I-CBL-ANT-GP, OP549-FD/TD-LTE, OP549-NR, OP550-5GNR, OP550-FD/TD-LTE, OP551, OP552, OP555, OP717, OP723, OP726
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  • OP549-FD/TD-LTE

    Gflex Mobile Blind Scan Option - FD/TD-LTE

  • OP550-5GNR

    Gflex Layer 3 Option - 5G NR (SIB1 only for FR1 frequencies)

  • OP550-FD/TD-LTE

    Gflex Layer 3 Option - FD/TD-LTE


    Outdoor Drive/Walk Test Gflex Cable and Antenna Package.

  • OP549-NR

    Gflex Mobile Blind Scan Option - 5G NR

  • OP551

    Gflex LTE(FDD and TDD) 4x2 and 2x2 MIMO Option

  • OP555

    Hard Carrying Case, Gflex

  • OP717

    ANT, 3.3 - 4.2 GHz, Horizontally Polarized Omnit-Directional Mag Mount 12'

  • OP723

    ANT, 2.3 - 2.7 GHz, Horizontally Polarized Omnit-Directional Mag Mount 12'

  • OP726

    Gflex Spectrum Analysis & Enhanced Power Scan (EPS)

  • OP552

    Gflex Dual Polarization-Ericsson 2.5-6 GHz BS 5G NR Option

Standard Rental Accessories*
* Leased or Buy Used product accessories will be confirmed with quote.
  • GFLEX Scanner FR1/FR2 Configuration: 10 MHz - 8 GHz, 24-48GHz

    Qty: 1
  • Antenna GPS High Gain

    Qty: 1
  • Antenna, 600 MHz - 10 GHz multi-band magnetic mount, high performance

    Qty: 2
  • Backpack, GFLEX (includes backpack and telescopic mounts)

    Qty: 1
  • Kit, Antenna, MMWave (4.5-50 GHz), 2.4mm with magnetic mount

    Qty: 1
  • Cable, 1m MMWave up to 50 GHz, M/F with 2.4mm connector

    Qty: 1
  • Cable Assy, Battery Power Adapter, 7 inch, GFLEX

    Qty: 1
  • Coaxial Adapter, SMA (f) to N (m)

    Qty: 1
  • Dual Battery Power Pack and Charger Kit - GFLEX (includes 2 batteries)

    Qty: 1
  • GFLEX Power Cable, Car Lighter

    Qty: 1
  • Hard Carrying Case with Foam, GFLEX

    Qty: 1
  • Antenna RF Multi-Band 600 MHz - 8.5 GHz

    Qty: 1
  • Cable, USB C to USB C, Shielded

    Qty: 1
  • Antenna, 3.3-4.2 GHz horiz. polarized omni-directional, mag mount

    Qty: 1
  • Antenna, 2.3-2.7 GHz horiz. polarized omni-directional, mag mount

    Qty: 1
  • Cord Power

    Qty: 1
  • AC Adapter Universal 12 VDC 15 A

    Qty: 1
  • Wrench Open End 5/16 in with Carabiner HBFlex

    Qty: 1
  • Cable, USB A to USB C with single screw locking, 2m, GFLEX

    Qty: 1
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